Amazing Aging with Grace – Part 2: Stranger in a Strange Land

I’m one of those weird people who actually like birthdays.  And rather than depend on others to make the day “special”, I take full responsibility for doing so myself.  Some years I go the mani/pedi/massage route; others, I gather friends for dinner; or maybe I simply plan a movie marathon and eat chocolate all day. […]

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Amazing Aging with Grace – Part 1: Meeting Grace

My parents named me Grace – perhaps hoping that somehow I would one day morph into Grace Kelly and marry my Prince Ranier. Over time, Grace gradually became Amazing Grace – perhaps because their best friends referred to their daughter as Magnificent Sarah. It was fine with me. Life was too much fun for me […]

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Some Thoughts on Aging

After so many years of working with pre-schoolers as a teacher, then with young adults as a consultant and life coach, I suddenly found myself the other day scheduling an event for residents at my neighborhood Assisted Living Center. My first thought was, “Wow, how did I end up HERE?” But I do know how […]

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Looks Can Be Deceiving

While out on a walk the other day (yes, I do walk a lot!), I did a double-take when, there across the street, stood what appeared to be a Headless Boy.  Huh?  Had I entered Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone? For an instant it seemed that way…….. His body had the look of a toddler’s and […]

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Musings on My Muse

I have a muse.  His name is Charlie.  Charlie and I have issues. Don’t get me wrong – I love Charlie.  He’s a brilliant, articulate and humorous muse – a true inspiration for my often wilted brain.  He has breathed entire articles into my hungry ears, enticed me with clever blog posts, creative and dynamic workshop […]

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A Nice Encounter

Note:  This Facebook post received quite a number of comments so I thought I’d post it again on the Life Sightings blog. While out on a walk yesterday a middle-aged Hispanic man stopped me to ask directions to downtown. He said he had just hurt his hand and couldn’t work anymore that day. Sure enough, […]

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