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Looks Can Be Deceiving

While out on a walk the other day (yes, I do walk a lot!), I did a double-take when, there across the street, stood what appeared to be a Headless Boy.  Huh?  Had I entered Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone? For an instant it seemed that way…….. His body had the look of a toddler’s and […]

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Musings on My Muse

I have a muse.  His name is Charlie.  Charlie and I have issues. Don’t get me wrong – I love Charlie.  He’s a brilliant, articulate and humorous muse – a true inspiration for my often wilted brain.  He has breathed entire articles into my hungry ears, enticed me with clever blog posts, creative and dynamic workshop […]

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A Nice Encounter

Note:  This Facebook post received quite a number of comments so I thought I’d post it again on the Life Sightings blog. While out on a walk yesterday a middle-aged Hispanic man stopped me to ask directions to downtown. He said he had just hurt his hand and couldn’t work anymore that day. Sure enough, […]

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Mystery of the Missing Post

OMG – it’s happened!  A post that took forever to write because of constant interruptions has disappeared – vanished, kaput, GONE!  Have clicked on every button – twice – hoping to discover its secret hiding place.  I can hear its elusive muffled  laughter.  But I CAN’T FIND IT ANYWHERE!  Somewhere out in cyberspace floats the […]

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Essence of Being Human

I had an interesting conversation with someone this past weekend. A friend and I were discussing the effects of technology on the younger generations. On one hand, we were  envious of their ease of usage and level of understanding, while on the other, we expressed mutual concerns regarding the longterm effects on their brains and […]

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It’s All About the Timing

Just noticed the date on my previous post.  It’s – ahem – been awhile since I wrote it.  What happened to all those good intentions of writing weekly – even daily – posts?  I could say I’ve been procrastinating (possibly); I could say I’ve been really busy doing other things (that, too); or I could […]

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