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Some Thoughts on Aging

After so many years of working with pre-schoolers as a teacher, then with young adults as a consultant and life coach, I suddenly found myself the other day scheduling an event for residents at my neighborhood Assisted Living Center. My first thought was, “Wow, how did I end up HERE?” But I do know how […]

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Looks Can Be Deceiving

While out on a walk the other day (yes, I do walk a lot!), I did a double-take when, there across the street, stood what appeared to be a Headless Boy.  Huh?  Had I entered Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone? For an instant it seemed that way…….. His body had the look of a toddler’s and […]

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Self Observation

As an AMI Primary Consultant, one of my most frequent recommendations to teachers was “observe your class”.  How else could they truly follow the children and offer appropriate activities and direction?   The same goes for each of us:  How can we truly know our next step in life unless we pay attention to what […]

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Being Bored

The October issue of “Parent & Child” magazine featured a great article encouraging parents to allow more free, unstructured playtime for their children.  The article, “Breaking Free”, spoke of the importance of play as being “fundamental to every kind of learning.”  Included in the list of “Things Parents Can Do” to encourage more play was […]

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How to Nurture Trust in Your Family

  After being glued to the  TV for the Three-Day Equestrian Event taking place in London, I came away marvelling at the strength and willingness of those magnificent animals – as well as their riders – to compete in Dressage, Cross Country and Show Jumping events, all within the course of three consecutive days.  Grueling […]

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The Game of Life

Okay – I’ll confess.  I’m addicted to Bookworm! It’s a word game I downloaded onto my Kindle a few weeks ago and – surprisingly –  can’t put  down.  Well……it’s not THAT bad.  But when I’m stressed, bored, or simply have a few free moments, Bookworm is my meditation, my therapy, my activity of choice during […]

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